N-Dynamic hosted IRIS international market research forum in Shanghai China

Shanghai, China on April 20th 2012

As the exclusive Chinese partner of IRIS (International Research InstituteS),N-Dynamic Market Research and Consultancy Ltd. organized an international market research forum entitled "Enhancing marketing effectiveness through advanced market research solutions around the world" in Shanghai, China on April 20th 2012. The forum provided an opportunity for a wide variety of B2B and B2C companies in China to keep up-to-date on new and advanced market research solutions across the world and how such solutions are applied in enhancing marketing effectiveness.
Five IRIS members from Canada, Germany, Colombia, France and Egypt shared with the audience a wide variety of advanced market research solutions ranging from social values segmentation, psychological pricing, mobile eye tracking, neuroscience, and brand value management. Successful case examples were also shared during the forum.
Dr. Barry Watson
President and CEO of Canadian IRIS member, Environics, introduced social values as an advanced segmentation tool in market research from a global perspective. Barry explained the benefits of such a segmentation approach and the key components of a successful segmentation strategy. He also provided cases in healthcare, travel, and automotive industries to demonstrate how such a segmentation approach has been applied in enhancing marketing effectiveness.
Dr. Florian Bauer
Co-Founder of the German partner of IRIS, Vocatus AG, delivered a presentation entitled "The Art of Psychological Pricing". According to Florian, price interest, price knowledge, and price assessment are frequently far more important for the purchase decision than the absolute price level. It is crucial to understand the actual course of the decision process in order to make corresponding adaptations when conceiving the project.
Miss Sandra C. Triana Nahum
The Innovation and Development Director of YanHaas, Colombia, presented on the topic "The shopper era: mobile eye tracking applied to its understanding". Sandra introduced their new approach of getting as close as possible to the moment of truth: the purchase. By making use of mobile eye tracking methodology, YanHaas is able to help clients understand their shopper profile and category habits better; so as to make better decisions in category management, shelf display, etc.
Stephane Marder
Managing Director from the French IRIS partner, LH2, explained the influence of the implicit processing of the mind in the evaluation of advertising campaign. In practice, the influence of the implicit processing is often overlooked, yet it is the genesis of most behavior. Stephane Marder introduced a number of ways to measure implicit processing, including Implicit Attitude Test, Implicit priming, Stroop (colour naming) tasks. The actual approach illustrated enables us to assess a creative idea's ability to make people believe that the brand's claims are true.
Sami Ghabrial
The managing director of the Egyptian IRIS partner, Marketeers, presented on "Brand Value Management". Sami presented their theoretical framework and the benefits of such approach. By utilizing certain virtual shopping tools and building market simulators, Marketeers is able to help their clients predict sales and shares accurately.
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About N-Dynamic
N-Dynamic Market Research is a full service research agency with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong. It’s comprised of directors from Hong Kong with over 30 years of marketing/international research experience and a team of passionate local researchers. Meeting stringent quality standards, we were accepted by IRIS (International Research InstituteS) ( as the only member representing China in 2004. We aim to provide our clients with timely and quality marketing research and consultancy services to enhance their marketing decision making.
N-Dynamic Market Research formed a Joint Venture in China with GiPA, a European company specializing in the automotive aftermarket. The Chinese Joint Venture will adapt GiPA's European business model and services to serve automotive aftermarket suppliers in China.
About IRIS
IRIS (International Research Institutes) is the largest association of independent market research agencies in the world, with 1,500 employees and a yearly sales volume of over 170 Mil. €.With local offices in more than 30 countries, IRIS is truly local and yet truly global at the same time, covering 84% of the global economic power and 63% of the world population. It offers a true alternative to the massive research conglomerates, by giving its clients access to local experts and maintaining tailor-made research solutions. The members of IRIS are all among the leading independent research agencies in their respective country and have passed a stringent, personal application process and a company presentation in front of all IRIS members. Membership with IRIS is limited to one member per country.